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House Rules

You have chosen a bed & breakfast instead of a hotel. This means, first of all, that we can't give you a 24 hours reception’s service. Secondly, we have some house rules that need to be respected in order to make your stay and that of others as comfortable as possible.
We kindly ask our guests to respect each other's privacy.
We also have taken much attention in the interior of our B&B. We much appreciate it if our guests will be careful with the objects in our B&B, accidents are always possible, but damages need to be paid for.


Please respect each other’s well deserved sleep and try to be quiet in the case you come back late. Please do not slam doors; if you come in late close the front gate and close the door to your room quietly so you don’t disturb others who may be already sleeping.


Payment is in cash upon arrival if not already paid with credit card.
Rooms are ready after 15.00 hrs. Arrivals are possible at any moment during the day, however, only after contacting us. If at your time of arrival in the morning the room is not yet ready, you can always leave luggage at our B&B and accept the key.

Bathroom heating lamps

Please remember to turn off the lamps once you don’t need them anymore. We try to avoid waste of electric energy, and we will not be responsible for any damage caused if you forget the lamp on and you are not in the room. Any damage occurred because of this reason will be charged to you.


On the day of departure, you have to check out in the morning before 10 am. In case you leave the room later than 10 am, the following night will be billed. If you wish/need to leave in the afternoon or evening, you can always leave your luggage in the B&B until the time of departure. The rooms are inspected at the check-in and check-out. Lost or broken furniture will be billed to you.


Always lock the door of your room when you leave. This is for the safety of your belongings.


We are an adult’s Bed and Breakfast, so no people under 18 years will be accepted. We won’t do any exception also in respect for the other guests.


Pets are not allowed in any part of the house. Please don't ask for an exception.


Strangers are not allowed into the rooms without the permission of the owner.

Moving of furniture

Guests have to respect the decoration of the room. We don't allow that furniture is moved from the room to be placed elsewhere.


Breakfast is served every day between 8 am and 10 am.
If you leave before 8 am and you want to have breakfast before the usual time, please let us know the day before, so we can organize a "breakfast takeaway" for you.


Smoking is prohibited inside the whole B&B. We are also smokers, but we will follow the rules exactly like you.
Smoking is allowed outside at the pool, in the internal terrace on the ground floor and in the terrace of your room. Please don’t throw your cigarettes in the garden, you will find enough ashtrays. If you find any, please ask us. Any damage connected to cigarettes smoked in not allowed places, will be billed to you. If the room will smell like cigarettes after your stay, a surcharge of 100 EUR will be applied because of a further and deeper cleaning.

Rooms and facilities

Rooms will be cleaned every day between 11 am and 1 pm. If we don't have the opportunity to clean your room between this time ranges, you'll have to accept that cleaning will be done the next day. Bed linens and towels will be changed every three days.
In the case you want clean towels before that time, you can lay the used towels on the ground in your bathroom. We will replace them with clean ones.
Please note that there will be 2 sets of four towels in each room. Any loss or damage to towels or bed linens and quilt will be charged to the guest.
Under no circumstances can the numbers of guests exceed the number reserved. We reserve the right to deny entrance to the accommodation if these conditions are not complied with. In case of refusal because of these conditions in the high season (May-October), the first night will be anyway billed to the guest and treated as NO SHOW.

We accept no responsibility for any loss, accident, personal injury, medical expenses or property damage caused by personal negligence or by any other circumstances beyond our control. When you fail to comply with the House rules of the B&B we will be forced to terminate your stay.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding our House rules. This is to ensure that everyone has a good stay here at Pearl of Gozo.
These rules are an integral part of the Reservation Form, for anything not explicitly mentioned; reference will be made to current regulations, good taste, and common sense in everyone's best interest.

Pearl of Gozo Bed & Breakfast.-Tad Dubra, Taċ-Ċanga Street, Ix-Xewkija, Gozo, Malta

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